Important Announcement


Swadeshi Science Movement of India, Delhi

( Also called as Vigyan Bharati, Delhi)

SSMD/GBM(14)/2016-17 30.9.2016


Sub.: The conduct of the GBM & the Election of the Members to the Executive

Committee (EC) and induction of the Governing Council (GC) members for

3 years alongwith the decision on the Election of the EC/GC Members to the

SHAKTI” – our Women wing registered under the umbrella of SSM’D

Mananiya / Manyavar Members

This has a reference to the decision of the EC vide meeting held on 14.10.2015 in the capital followed by the display of the GBM in the Ist Brochure of the NCISET 2017.

On behalf of the SSM’D (A multifarious forum: website having the network with many R&D and Educational institutions in the country), I have the further pleasure to inform you that the GBM of the Society will be held at 5 P.M. on March 5, 2017 ( Venue: TEC Conference Room,NPL, New Delhi) wherein the elections are also to be carried out for the 21 EC Members of the society alongwith the induction of the GC members for 3 years. You are therefore requested to send suitable nominations to the Election Officer by post or by mail in or on or before 23.1.2017 and attend the GBM.

Yours faithfully

( Dr. Y K Kala)

Chief Election Officer


All the Members of the General Body
Swadeshi Science Movement of India, Delhi


1. Welcome by the President, SSM’D


3. To confirm the minutes of the last GBM

4. Actions taken / yet to be taken on the resolutions of the last GBM

5. Report of the Secretary

6. Report of the Treasurer

7. Auditor’s report for the period ended 31st March 2016

8. To announce the Election results of the EC

9. To report about the appointment of the Auditor for the year 2016-17

10. Report from the President/Gen. Secretary, “SHAKTI”

11. Future activity

12. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair

13. Vote of thanks


Members are requested to render service to the society by enrolling at least one Life Member each through their voluntary pro-active effort. Visit for downloading the Bye-law and the membership form. Registration fee has been waived for these new members for their participation in the NCISET 2017.

Contributors who supported the survivors of 2 families affected from the Uttarakhand National Tragedy 2013

Padma Bhushan Prof. S K Joshi, Delhi

Prof. Brajendra Srivastava, Gwalior

Prof. K S Sharma, Jaipur

Prof. Chandra Shakher, Delhi

Dr. Mahendra Prasad, Canada

Dr.  J C Sharma, Delhi

Dr. V Shanker, Delhi

Dr. R K Kotnala, Delhi

Dr. CMS Rauthan, Delhi

Dr. Kiran Jain, Delhi

Dr. O S Panwar, Delhi

Dr. K K Saini, Delhi

Late Dr. T K Saxena, Delhi

Dr. A K Srivastava, Delhi

Dr. Sushil Kumar, Delhi

Dr. R P Pant, Delhi

Dr. S K Jain, Delhi

Dr. Sanjay Yadav, Delhi

Dr. SSK Titus, Delhi

Sh. Deepak Bansal, Delhi

Dr.  Manju Arora, Delhi

Ms. Deepti Bhatt, Greater Noida

Dr. S K Srivastava, Delhi

Dr. Niranjan Singh, Delhi

Dr. P K Saini, Delhi

Dr. Virendra Babu, Delhi

Sh. Ravi Khanna, Delhi

Sh. KN Basavaraju, Delhi

Dr. Yudhister K Yadav, Delhi

Sh. R K Saxena, Delhi

Dr. Ashish Agarwal, Delhi

Dr. D P Bhatt, Delhi

Contribution by SWADESHI SCIENCE MOVEMENT for uttrakhand tragedy


Dear Members/ Associates

I am happy to inform you that SSM’D team led by Dr. D P Bhatt, Dr. J C Sharma & Prof. D P Tripathi have recently returned from their tour to Uttarakhand, precisely in the Guptakashi (Rudraprayag Dist.) after accomplishing the long pending GODLY work of our token contribution to the affected 2 families of Lamgaundi village towards  providing  relief and support  to the survivors of the massive destruction of the Uttarakhand National Tragedy 2013 ( see the attached report in Shilpkar Times).  Actually on the auspicious occasion of Bharatiya New Year Day & Navratra festival on 21st March 2015, they gave away the cheques to Mrs. Beena Semwal and Mrs. Beena Devi Sharma on behalf of the SSM’D at Guptakashi on Saturday.
It was an another great coincidence that an another pious social function was held in the same Rudraprayag Dist. during the similar period by one of our like minded Nationalistic organizations i.e. Patanjali Yogpeeth which was attended by Km. Uma Bharati, Hon’ble Union Minister for Ganga Rejuvenation and Water Resources who had very clearly noticed the “coincidence” of the said disaster with “Dhari Devi”  that has been considered from millenniums the protector Goddess of Uttarakhand from floods and devastation. Her ancient temple is located between the towns of Shrinagar and Rudraprayag (both towns are now completely destroyed). Her temple has been at the center of a dispute between the local public and the government, because her temple will get submerged if the construction of a proposed dam goes ahead. It is interesting to notice that some Government officials removed her deity at 7.30 on Sunday (16 June 2013) so that the construction work of the dam can go ahead, while the great deluge in Kedarnath struck exactly 45 minutes later. Now her deity is missing. There are many stories of miracles related to her.

The most popular one is her love for the open sky. Every time someone tried to construct a roof over her deity, a column or something would collapse.Therefore, She is the only deity in India that is always kept under open sky. This might have led to the widespread belief that she protects Uttarakhand from the fury of the skies. The entire world now knows what happened after her deity was removed from the spot of her choice (there are mythological stories behind this fact too). One thing is for sure, the month of June is not the time for floods in this region. The month of June was always considered the safest and best period to travel in the Himalayas. Actually, even the water level of the Ganga river never used to be considerably high in this month. Something inexplicable certainly went wrong. These expressions go well in the lines of our working objectives of amalgamation of spiritual science with traditional & modern Sciences for the sustainable development
Finally, we would like to display the names of our contributors in the SSM’D website shortly and before we do it, I would like to request to those (who haven’t yet given their contributions) to send the amount immediately before the current financial year either by cheque in favour of SWADESHI SCIENCE MOVEMENT OF INDIA, DELHI or by electronic banking transaction in the account of the forum before the current financial year.

Shri Roshan Agarwal has kindly committed to contribute Rs. 5000/-. This is for your kind information.

We also appreciate the help rendered by Sh. Narender Panthri, a social activist in our venture.

Best regards,

Yours sincerely,
Manju  Arora
Treasurer, SSM’D