• To adopt and utilize science and technology as effective instruments for achieving the material welfare of mankind at the same time, opposing any attempt to the exploitation of masses through science and technology.
  • To adopt and develop Indian language as media of Science and Technology at all levels, especially in taking science and technology to the masses.
  • To spare the incomparable contributions of ancient India for laying the foundation of modern sciences and thus to establish that modern science is not all a western product.
  • To establish the interface between science and humanism in all facets -physical, mental and spiritual.
  • To organize and conduct meetings, lectures, courses, science research seminars and other activities of interest to the members in their quest for social development and harmony through science and technology.
  • To disseminate Science and Technology to the members and the general public through publications of periodicals, reports, books on science and technology (both ancient and modern) etc.
  • To establish, regulate and maintain supporting centers at regional, district, tahsil, panchyat /city and other appropriate levels and science forums at Schools, Colleges, Universities, Polytechnic Colleges and similar institutions.
  • To cooperate and collaborate with other societies or bodies pursuing allied aims and objectives.
  • To promote the use of common script for all Indian Languages.