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Swadeshi Science Movement of India (SSMD) is a registered Society under societies regulation Act XXI of 1860, No S-28690

Recent Success Stories of the SSMD

  • Swadeshi Vigyan Patrika – Invitation for Contributions
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  • SSMI-NPL2019
  • SSMD Book 2018
  • Bharatiya Vaigyanik Evam Audhyogik Anusandhan Patrika (7 special issues in HINDI) : Vol. 12 (1), 2004, pp. 1-180; Vol. 12(2), 2004, pp. 181-348; Vol. 15(1), 2007, pp. 1-108; Vol. 15 (2), 2007; pp. 109-196; Vol. 19 (2) Dec. 2011, p. 105- 222; Vol. 18 (1) June 2010, p. 1-108 ; Vol. 21(1) June 2013, p. 1-96
  • A Special commemorative issue of SSM’D in the Journal of Environmental Nanotechnology Vol. 2, 2013, p. 96; Vigyan Bharati Pradeepika (Joint Special Issue), Vol. 6(1 & 2), 2000, pp. 1-204; Book on Electroplating and Metal Finishing “Bilingual”, 1997, Shipra Publications, Delhi, pp. 1-309.
  • SSM’D received the International felicitation in the capital through Dr. A R Kidwai, His Excellency then Hon’ble Governor, Haryana during the 6th World Environment Congress 1999
  • 3rd National Conference on Innovations in Indian SET – 2013, 2nd National Conference on Innovations in Indian SET – 2009, Ist National Conference on Innovations in Indian SET – 2006, National Science Congress in Indian Languages – 2010, 3rd Akhil Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan – 2004, National Symposium on Ancient SET Interfaced with Modern Knowledge – 2001, National Conference on Swadeshi Vigyan – 2000 & Swadeshi Vigyan Mela – 2000,
  • National Conference on Electroplating & Industrial Metal Finishing 1997
  • SSM’D contributed a Godly support to 2 families of 2 villages in the Guptakashi District reg. Uttarakhand National Tragedy 2013
  • SSM ( the parent organization grown up under the leadership of Prof. K I Vasu, Formerly Director, CECRI, Karaikudi) had developed a model village in Tamilnadu by establishing tiny-scale industries there through a voluntary S&T service mode

*A few other References: Swadeshi Science Movement of India, Delhi (Vigyan Bharati, Delhi): A Report in J. Sci. Ind. Res. SCI-TECH UPDATE 59 (2000) p.177-79; Reports in Ind. J. Traditional knowledge 1 (2002) p. 75-78 ; पाञ्चजन्य Vol. 57 (41), 2004, p. 10; CSIR News 52 (2002) 118-120; CSIR News, 54 (10) 30th May 2004, p. 15; Organiser, Delhi, Vol. LV (34) Mar. 7, 2004, p. 15; CSIR Samachar Vol. 24 (4), April 2007, p. 50-54; Weekly EKJAY, Ujjain, Vol. 8 (15) Feb. 24-Mar. 1, 2004; Vigyan Pragati, Oct. 2009, p. 17-18; CSIR News 63 (7&8), April 2013, p.85-86

On-going activity: Fourth National Conference on Innovations in Indian Science, Engineering & Technology
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Innovative indigenous inter-disciplinary translational research & scientific efforts/Eco-friendly Technology in the path of Traditional knowledge and Sustainable Consumption/Living/Development in the areas such as Rural Areas, Rural households, Rural Urban Connections, Demographic Trends and Housing Needs, Access level of Housing Supply, Housing Conditions, House Construction Activities in Rural areas by Public Sector, Private Sector and PPP model, Environmental Impact of Rural housing, Rural housing Schemes running by Union and various State Government, Sanitation, Drinking Water, Water harvesting, Energy (eg. Solar panels, Solar Rooftop systems) & wastewater technology, Role of Cooperatives in Rural Development in present scenario, Materials & Technologies such as agricultural and industrial wastes like plastic, Bio-waste, fly-ash, rice husk/straw, coconut husk, vegetable reinforced concrete, Bamboo Mat Board, Banana leaves & stalks, Animal & Poultry shelter designs, etc. for rural housing, Vastu & other quake resistant technological guidelines of disaster management and IPR leveraging vis-à-vis New economic environment with a special focus on Rural Housing

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M/S Chemical Resources Ltd from Panchkula has recently been admitted as Corporate Member ( Life)

M/S SIDDHAST Intellectual Property Innovations (P) Ltd. and M/S Dabur India Ltd. have been admitted as the Company Patron ( Life) and Corporate Member ( Life), respectively.


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